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Editorial Team

E-Migrinter is published by the Migrinter laboratory. The team that runs this publication is composed of PhD students, researchers and teacher-researchers. It therefore evolves according to the changes inherent in the laboratory. You will find below the current team of the publication.

Direction, Edition

Director of publication

The Migrinter's Director: Cédric Audebert (CR - CNRS,)


David Lessault (CR - CNRS)

Editorial secretary

Marine Bertrand (Doctorante en Anthropologie - Migrinter); Julie Lemoux (Doctorante en Sociologie - Migrinter); Jordan Pinel (Doctorant en Géographie - Migrinter).

Design and layout

Carole Tardif (TCS - CNRS)

Editorial / Scientific Committee

Editorial Board

Marine Bertrand (Doctorante en Anthropologie), Olivier Clochard (CR - CNRS, UMR Migrinter), Amandine Desille (Doctorante en Géographie), Gilles Dubus (IE - CNRS, UMR Migrinter), Julie Lemoux (Doctorante en Sociologie), David Lessault (CR - CNRS, UMR Migrinter), Mélanie Pénicaud (Doctorante en Anthropologie), Sarah Przybyl (Docteure en Géographie), Cyril Roussel (CR - CNRS, UMR Migrinter), Marie-Françoise Valette (MCF en droit - Université de Poitiers, UMR Migrinter).

Scientific Committee

All the members of Migrinter laboratory and its network.


Gunhild Odden (chercheure au Centre pour la communication interculturelle (SIK), Norvège).

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